Daily ski insurance with Alto.Ski+

From 1 January 2022, it is mandatory for all skiers in Italy to take out third party liability insurance, by order of the Italian government.

To help make your life easier, we now offer daily ski insurance, as an optional extra, through the Alto.Ski app.

To add ski insurance, simply select Alto.Ski+ from the app menu, check the ‘Turn on Alto.Ski+ for my account’ option and press the ‘Next’ button.

You’ll then get daily ski insurance added, every time you ski with your Alto.Ski card.

Who provides Alto.Ski ski insurance?

Alto.Ski ski insurance is powered by YOLO, a leading insurance provider based in Italy.

What does the insurance cover?

What should I do to request assistance or open a claim?

For more information, please read the Terms & Conditions (in Italian) document.

Frequently asked questions

1) When is the coverage activated and how long does it last?

Alto.Ski ski insurance:

2) Who is Alto.Ski ski insurance for?

To learn more about the individual aspects of the coverage, please read the Terms & Conditions (in Italian) carefully.

3) What should I do in the event of a claim?

In order to take advantage of the services provided by the Alto.Ski travel policy, you must immediately report to the local Rescue Service or the Facility Manager that you are covered by the insurance. The service in charge will issue a report certifying the facts of your current situation: this report will be attached to the accident report. To open a “Claim Report” or make a “Travel Assistance Request”, contact the competent offices at the addresses indicated above.

Want to cancel your ski insurance?

Select Alto.Ski+ from the same menu, uncheck the ‘Turn on Alto.Ski+ for my account’ option and press the ‘Next’ button again to switch off.